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BREXIT EXCLUSIVE: The Presidential Order by Jean-Claude Junker for no Brexit negotiation before TEU Art. 50 Notification

Full text of the Presidential order of the President of the European Commission to the Commission (College, DGs, etc): no negotiations with Great Britain are to take place inregarding its exit from the EU before an official notification of TEU article 50 is received

This is the “Presidential order” (as referenced by the European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker), stipulating “no notification, no negotiation” in relation to Brexit.

You may also view the original on Scribd here.

Brussels, 28 June 2016
Dear Colleagues,
Further to last week’s referendum in the United Kingdom, there is a need for the Commission to be clear and certain in the process that we can now expect to take place. While we expect the United Kingdom to honour the democratic choice of its
people as soon as possible, we also will not agree to any negotiation, formal or informal, before we receive a notification on the basis of Article 50 of the Treaty on the European Union.

I have asked Alexander Italianer, Secretary-General, to coordinate centrally all Commission actions, initiatives or responses related to the follow-up. to the UK referendum. In my Cabinet, this process will be followed by Richard Szostak, my Diplomatic Adviser.

All Directorates-General and services of the Commission are asked to strictly respect the principle of no negotiation without notification and the central role of the Secretariat-General. This covers requests for appearances in the other institutions or bodies, questions from the European Parliament, opinions and inquiries from national Parliaments, intended visits by Commissioners and officials to the United Kingdom, all related correspondence and queries and requests for access to documents. This is, of course, not an exhaustive list and I invite you to remain vigilant and to flag any other issues that may be of relevance.

In the meantime, the work of the Commission will continue and our agenda of priorities and our work programme will be rolled out with determination, in close cooperation with the European Parliament and the Council. We will also continue to make sure that EU law is applied and implemented in the 28 Member States.

Yours sincerely,


Members of the College
Cc: Heads of Cabinet, Directors-General

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